Evaluation Criteria for Portfolio Sales

The independent authority on credit card processors, topcreditcardprocessors.com, is a research firm dedicated to identifying and ranking the best credit card processors in the United States. Through an in-depth vendor analysis, client evaluation, and the use of our proprietary evaluation criteria, we have put together a list of the top portfolio sales services. Our analysis delves into a vendor’s business practices and compares them against industry standards to ensure that the service is quality. Often times we connect directly to the clients of a vendor and ask about their overall experience.

There are five key areas which we have identified as significant for a portfolio sales service:

A payment service must demonstrate speed and efficiency. No one wants their money or their account to be handled by a service that is slow and/or inefficient. Businesses should be concerned about the reliability of the payment service that will be handling its payment portfolio. If the system allows for mishandling of an account, it cannot be deemed as a reliable service. An unreliable service can cause the business to lose clients and potential business.

The ability to make secure payments is an important part of any payment process. Businesses should ensure that they ascertain the verification methods that the payment processor require individuals to use when making payments. It is also important that they find out the steps the vendor follows for verifying the payments that they accept.

The payment processing service can be measured for automation based on how easy it is for customers to use it. Automation is also based on the amount of hands-on activity the customer has to engage in during the process. Obviously, automation should require minimal if any hands-on activity. Automation is meant to lessen the amount of work the customer has to do.

The volume of transactions the service can handle per day is another criterion businesses should use to evaluate the service. Pay attention to the volume of transactions from a single vendor, and the processor's ability to efficiently manage the volume of work from that vendor. Is the service capable of handling thousands of transactions per day? Are there any limitations that may affect the payment process by slowing it down or bringing it to a halt?

A delay in service is regarded as inefficiency or an inability to deliver on the required service. The payment processor's service can be evaluated for a delay in service by measuring the length of time it takes for a payment to be processed, and for the payment to reach the intended recipient.

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